Luis15 SEP. 2021


懂錶的女人最美麗 ! 你必須follow的 @mainichi_watch

Luis15 SEP. 2021
懂錶的女人最美麗 ! 你必須follow的 @mainichi_watch

Luis15 SEP. 2021

懂錶的女人最美麗 ! 你必須follow的 @mainichi_watch

Luis15 SEP. 2021






Hello everyone, I’m Jessie. I’m not great with words but like sharing watches and outfits that I love wearing. Love simple and elegant things.


Q1: 妳是如何開始對腕錶產生興趣的?

How did you get interested in watches?


My interest in watches started back in 2015 when I watched the movie "Intern" and saw Anne Hathaway wearing a beautiful timepiece. My husband is also into watches so I've asked him and research about it online and found out it was a Cartier Tank. I found it very elegant and beautiful. After a while my husband presented me a Tank as a Birthday present and it was my first High end watch. From then, my passion in watches has started and slowly added a few more Cartiers and other timepieces into the collection. I really like the way Cartier watches in odd shapes but still be very elegant at the same time.


CARTIER - 懂錶的女人最美麗 ! 你必須follow的 @mainichi_watch


Q2: 哪一則IG貼文最能表達妳的風格?

Which of your IG post best represents your style?


This is a very hard question to answer. I believe the watch to wear on the day needs to match the outfit of what I’m wearing. I think my style is to keep it simple and have an extra touch of something special to match. If I really had to choose one, I would choose this picture because I really like the Patek Ellipse, the blue dial and shape is stunning, love coffee and the dreamy vibe in the picture kind of represent my style.


CARTIER - 懂錶的女人最美麗 ! 你必須follow的 @mainichi_watch


Q3: 妳覺得女性和男性的鐘錶愛好者有何不同嗎?

Have you found any differences between female and male watch lovers?


I believe there are differences, for example my husband is more technical about movements, history, specs, looks and sometimes even values in choosing a watch. For me, I believe is more into the form of the case, color of the dial, and will think about which outfit and other accessories to match the watch with.



Q4: 對你的工作或生活來說,手錶代表什麼?

What do watches mean to your work and life?


It’s sad that I could not wear watches in my line of work, but I still enjoy wearing them in my commutes and especially on the weekends. It’s a struggle to decide which watch to wear with the outfit. Watches are one of a common passion with me and my husband. We love to go treasure hunting in the weekends, look at straps together, find ideas for the next picture. We even share watches to wear together.


CARTIER - 懂錶的女人最美麗 ! 你必須follow的 @mainichi_watch


CARTIER - 懂錶的女人最美麗 ! 你必須follow的 @mainichi_watch


Q5: 妳最喜愛的錶是哪一只?為什麼?

Which is your favourite watch? Why?




My favorite watch at the moment is the vintage Vacheron Constantin Jump Hour. I find the dial is simple yet very unique. The watch is definitely a conversation starter when meeting other watch friends. It’s also in one of my favorite dimension of 36mm and slim profile.

Acquiring was also quite memorable as the seller was a fellow lady collector and she did not want to sell it to a shop at a higher price but instead she chose me to sell it as she believes I will appreciate and cherish the watch more.


CARTIER - 懂錶的女人最美麗 ! 你必須follow的 @mainichi_watch

Q6: 身為一位女性的愛錶人,妳對鐘錶品牌和鐘錶業界,有什麼話想說呢?

As a female watch lover, do you want to say something to the brands and the watch industry?


I wish they could make more slimmer watches. I already see some watch brands releasing some smaller diameter watches but hope that they could make them slimmer. I really like the watches that are around 36mm and under 10mm thick. I find these dimensions to be just the right proportions.


CARTIER - 懂錶的女人最美麗 ! 你必須follow的 @mainichi_watch

Q7: 除了手錶,你還有其他的興趣嗎?

Do you have other hobbies besides watches?


I really like throwing pottery aside from watches. Throwing pottery lets me just focuses on making the pottery and not have to think about other things. Calms me from any stresses.