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Luis7 APR. 2020


Luis7 APR. 2020

最具收藏意義的錶,常常不是驚人天價所能換來,而是透過偶然、奇妙的機緣下獲得。藏錶眾多的watchyouwearin,每一款錶都伴隨著獨一無二的背景,他的Seamaster曾陪他在菲律賓瘋狂潛水、Explorer II曾一起在南極洲露營,收藏中一只全球首富比爾蓋茲的TAG HEUER,居然是父親在聚會中的小遊戲直接從比爾蓋茲的手中贏來!




IG帳號: @watchyouwearin 



It's on my wrist. 
Pictures of my personal collection and all photos taken by me. ⏱


Q1. 透過你的貼文,你想傳達什麼訊息?

What messages would you want to convey through your post?




If there is any message, it would be that a watch collection journey is a personal one.  Even if I post what I wear almost daily, it’s really still that: something I wear on my wrist. Just like any other thing we put on, we should choose what we like and what suits ourselves. Especially now that mechanical timepieces have been replaced by smartphones and smartwatches as primary time instruments, these little things we wear on our wrists have become less of tools and more of artifacts of self-expression (and perhaps escape from a digital life).



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Q2. 你的第一只手錶是哪一只?你還擁有它嗎?

Would you please share your first watch? Do you still have it?






I bought my first watch when I was about eight years old, during a trip to Hong Kong.  My parents gave me a small US allowance to spend on anything I wanted. I spent my entire allowance on one thing, which was a quartz Casio with a white dial. I unfortunately don’t have it anymore.


My interest in watches then diverted to Swatch watches (unfortunately, none of which I kept), and later on to TAG Heuers when I was in high school during the late 80s. When the SCUBA diving craze was at its peak in the Philippines in the 90s, I used an Omega Seamaster as a diving companion, a watch that I still use and still runs well until this day.



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Q3. 你擁有過什麼樣特別的手錶嗎?

Have you ever owned any special watches?






我父親基本上不懂錶,總是很高興地戴著一些他也不大了解的老錶。對於比爾蓋茲的錶,他猜了一個他自認為很大的數字—600美金。會議接近尾聲時,贏家即將揭曉;其他人都猜了真的很大的金額,但結果卻是我父親所猜的最接近。於是,蓋茲先生脫下他的錶,交給我父親。除了這個紀念品外,我父親還獲得了一台當時最先進的Windows CE HP Jornada。




We’ve all heard about Paul Newman’s Daytona and Marlon Brando’s GMT, but have you heard the story of Bill Gates’s TAG Heuer?


My dad was spent his career as a banker, the pinnacle of which was heading a distinguished bank in the Philippines. His job came with a few perks, including being invited to prestigious conferences all over the world - one of which was organized by Microsoft in the late 90s. Mr. Bill Gates was to personally meet the intimate group conference attendees, and he started with a little ice breaker. He cupped his left wrist in his right hand, and asked them to guess how much the value of his wristwatch was. All those in the room gave their “bids”, including my dad.


Bit of a background - my dad is pretty much a “watch muggle”. Content to wear whatever old watch he had, he never really knew (or cared) much about them.  With this, he laid down what he thought was a generous guess - he thought Bill Gates’s watch should be around US0. As the conference came to a close, the “winner” of the guessing game was announced. Everyone else had bid tremendous figures, and my dad’s lone small bid stood out. Turns out, it was the closest one.


Bill Gates took the watch off his wrist, and it was given to my dad. He took it home, along with a giveaway (then) state-of-the-art Windows CE HP Jornada.


My dad wore the TAG for a few years, then one day, took it off his wrist and gave it to me (Okay, I begged for it.) To my surprise, the watch had never even been resized.  It hung loose on my dad’s wrist and collected scuffs as his “daily beater” - his office desk diver, golf game companion, and Sunday dinner equipment. It now is a proud part of my collection, because of it’s unique provenance - Bill to my dad, my dad to me.


ROLEX - EXPLORER II - 216570-0001 - IG名錶達人,你一定要follow的@watchyouwearin

比爾蓋茲送給 @watchyouwearin 父親的泰格豪雅錶,現在傳到他手上,這只錶也將成為他們家的傳家寶之一。

Q4. 手錶對你的工作或生活來說代表什麼?

What do watches mean to your work or life?




As a legal professional, my work is based on time. As you probably know, lawyers usually charge by the hour, so time is an essential element of what I do. I also believe that “you have time when you make time”, so I always make sure to enjoy time spent with family, friends, and doing things I enjoy as well.


ROLEX - EXPLORER II - 216570-0001 - IG名錶達人,你一定要follow的@watchyouwearin


Q5. 你收藏手錶的標準是什麼?

What are your principles in collecting watches? What makes “a nice watch” for you?






I’m driven by two main principles:

1.  Buy what you like (as I’ve mentioned, your watch is yours and sits on your wrist); and

2.  Don’t pay more than you should (which usually means don’t pay more than the retail price). I think overpaying for something removes some of the joy in acquiring an item. When you pay too much, it takes away some of the personal satisfaction for me. Even if you consider these things as “investments”, which I do not, a wise investor wouldn’t overpay for something, and would simply look for something else that is properly valued.


ROLEX - EXPLORER II - 216570-0001 - IG名錶達人,你一定要follow的@watchyouwearin


Q6. 你最喜歡哪一個品牌?

Which watch brand is your favorite?




I have a soft spot for JLC and IWC. 


ROLEX - EXPLORER II - 216570-0001 - IG名錶達人,你一定要follow的@watchyouwearin

ROLEX - EXPLORER II - 216570-0001 - IG名錶達人,你一定要follow的@watchyouwearin


Q7. 你夢想擁有的手錶是哪一只?

Do you have a dream watch?


歐米茄CK2129 “Weems” 飛行錶,或是盒單齊全的歐米茄Dirty Dozen。這兩只二戰時期的英國皇家空軍腕錶,不論能擁有哪一只,都會很棒。


Would be nice to have an Omega CK2129 “Weems” or a complete set of the Dirty Dozen. :-)


Q8. 手錶之外,你還有其他的興趣嗎?

Do you have other hobby than watches?






I play saxophone in a jazz band, and have a usual weekly gig. I have also had an alternate life as a fine art photographer, being represented by one of the major galleries and have had several solo exhibits, with my work being displayed and acquired in multiple countries.

Travel is also something I enjoy. I’ve actually taken my Explorer II to all seven continents! I can say that its legibility was highly appreciated when I was camping in Antarctica!



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