17 JUL. 2024

IG影響力人物:Chester Pan的Sentimental Watch

17 JUL. 2024
ROLEX - IG影響力人物:Chester Pan的Sentimental Watch

價格是品牌制定,價值則是由自己衡量。此次我們讓腕錶回歸情感聯繫的物件本質,它為何惹你情牽?如何引你心繫?心境流轉、人生歷程,HOROGUIDES雜誌Vol.5的特別企劃:【達人最愛的情感代「錶」】(TOP INFLUENCERS, what's your sentimental watch?)19位鐘錶藏家分享他的sentimental watch,以及背後的心動故事。


Chester Pan/@Sinowatchguy

碳基鐘錶迷|宇宙宅宅|討厭IG廣告|對wait list深惡痛絕




The Day-Date Ref. 18078, the watch that is my "childhood fulfillment" watch. It might seem to be another case study for how to build a truly strong brand image, but hear me out. As a kid born in the mid-80's you came across some Rolex tv ads one way or another. For me it's either an explorer II or a Day-Date. 


The Day-Date Ref.18078,是我「童年夢想」的實現。雖然這聽起來像是關於如何打造強勢品牌形象的案例研究,但請聽我娓娓道來。作為一個80年代中期出生的孩子,你或多或少會看過勞力士的電視廣告,而對我來說,當時的印象就是Explorer II或是Day-Date。


ROLEX - IG影響力人物:Chester Pan的Sentimental Watch

ROLEX Day-Date Ref.18078 黃金/錶徑36mm

The yellow gold Day-Date with probably Jack Nicklaus somehow stuck at the back of my mind, and I didn't even know what golf was other than there's a stick and a little white ball. Anyway, forward to 2021 I was hanging out at a pre-owned watch store and stumbled onto this watch when my friends were looking at an onyx dial Daydate. the memory of that tv ad just floods back into my mind and I just can't really have to get it. 


The watch, while finished in a way that is known now as the "bark", came with a champagne dial and an English day wheel. While typical configuration of that time period, not what I have in mind as the "perfect" golf watch. Therefore, I swapped the dial for a service green dial from the ref. 118238  and champagne Japanese day wheel. The reason being the green dial reminds me of the jacket given to any US Mater's winner and obviously also the fairway of the golf course. The Japanese day wheel is just because it has the best looking font for the Chinese character. 


那支黃金材質的Day-Date,也許是因為Jack Nicklaus的關係,一直縈繞在我腦海裡,當時的我甚至不知道什麼是高爾夫球,只知道有一根球桿和一顆小白球。總之,時間快轉到2021年,我在逛一家二手錶店,當時我的朋友們正在看一只縞瑪瑙錶盤的Day-Date,而我則意外發現了這只錶,我甚至不用細想,當年那部電視廣告的畫面就再次湧入我的腦海。


這款錶的錶殼裝飾一種被稱為「樹皮紋」的紋理,搭配香檳色錶盤和英文星期顯示窗。雖然這屬於當時的典型配置,卻不是我心目中「完美」的高爾夫腕錶,因此,我將錶盤換成了Ref. 118238的綠色錶盤以及香檳色的日文星期顯示,因為綠色錶盤會讓我想起美國大師賽冠軍穿的夾克,當然也呼應著高爾夫球場的球道;日文星期顯示則單純因為它的漢字字體最好看。


ROLEX - IG影響力人物:Chester Pan的Sentimental Watch


Everytime I put on the watch it makes me feel like I am being transported back to the late 80's standing on the green of hole 18 about to hit a birdie. A perfect game with the great watch in a time that is simpler, and happier.




ROLEX - IG影響力人物:Chester Pan的Sentimental Watch

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