17 JUL. 2023

IG影響力人物:Justin Yeung最愛的Daytona

17 JUL. 2023
ROLEX - IG影響力人物:Justin Yeung最愛的Daytona

在Daytona 60週年,我們非常榮幸邀請到六位重量級藏家、介紹六款他們最愛的Daytona。當然重量級藏家一出手,收藏絕對也是重量級的,6240 SOLO、6239 MK1、Paul Newman、中東面、RCO⋯⋯每一款都具備不凡的稀有性、絕佳品相,當然還有滿滿的愛。


Justin Yeung / @vr.justin





In my opinion, the most appealing feature of a vintage daytona is its aesthetic appearance. The three fully coloured contrasting sub-dials are very distinctive. You can easily recognise one from afar. Another very appealing feature is the pushers. The early pump pushers and latter improved screwed down pushers with no crown guards, you just can’t find them in any modern daytona references.


在我看來,古董 Daytona 最吸引人的特色是其別具美感的外觀。三個高對比色的副錶盤很有特色,在遠處也可以輕易辨別出來。另一個很吸引人的特點是它的計時按鈕。早期的pump pushers與後來改良的旋入式按鈕、沒有護肩的錶冠,你在任何一個現代Daytona的型號裡都找不到這樣的設計。


I love all the 4 digits daytona references especially the ones produced during 1969-1972. This was the period where the Paul Newman dials were made.


我喜歡Daytona的所有四位數型號,尤其是在1969至1972年間生產的那些,這也是Paul Newman錶盤所生產的時期。


I have two vintage daytonas in my collection, a 6262 and a 6265/8. If I have to choose between them, it would be the 6262 with a white Paul Newman panda dial.


我的收藏裡有兩只古董Daytona,一只是6262, 一只是6265/8。如果我得在兩者之間做出選擇,那會是帶有Paul Newman熊貓錶盤的6262。


ROLEX - IG影響力人物:Justin Yeung最愛的Daytona
Ref.6262 Paul Newman

It features a dual-coloured white dial which is a low- key difference to its exotic tri-coloured sibling. This particular sample is in pristine original condition. All the lume plots are still intact with no chipping or flaking. They also have developed a yellow hue patina over time. Also the stepped outer track and sunken sub-dials presented with the dice indexes are very mesmerising. This unique design had made Paul Newman Dials stood out splendidly.

One more thing to add is that only the Paul Newman dial features a white dial; other 4 digit daytonas actually feature silver / sunburst dials.


它採用雙色白色錶盤,跟三色exotic面盤相比起 來,呈現了不同的低調。這款特殊樣品處於最原始的狀態,所有的夜光標記都仍然完好無損,沒有碎裂或剝落。隨著時間的推移,它們還形成了帶著黃色色調的 patina。階梯式外圈、內凹的副錶盤配以及塊狀時標也很迷人。這種獨特的設計讓Paul Newman錶盤不同凡響。還有一點要補充的是,只有Paul Newman錶盤採用白色錶盤; 其他四位數型號的 Daytona實際上採用的是銀色或太陽放射紋錶盤。


The simple yet versatile look makes it wearable in any occasion.




ROLEX - IG影響力人物:Justin Yeung最愛的Daytona

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