7 DEC. 2023

IG影響力人物:Nic James的風格錶款

7 DEC. 2023
CARTIER - IG影響力人物:Nic James的風格錶款

就好比Instagram、Facebook在建置個人檔案的時候都需要一枚頭像代表自己,如果現在要挑選一只能夠代表你的風格錶款,你會怎麼挑選呢?HOROGUIDES雜誌Vol.4的特別企劃【達人的風格錶款】(TOP INFLUENCERS, what's your statement watch?),邀請藏家朋友分享屬於自己的statement watch,無論是人設形象、收藏路線、喜好立場⋯⋯Let's make a statement!


Nic James / @cartierwatchnerd





Despite not being highly sought after or the most expensive, the Tank Louis Cartier holds a special place in my collection. It was there with me when I proposed to my wife, and also on my wedding day.


儘管Tank Louis Cartier沒有受到高度追捧,也並非是最昂貴的腕錶,但它在我的收藏裡擁有特殊的地位。在我向妻子求婚時、在我的婚禮當天,它都在我的身邊。


CARTIER - IG影響力人物:Nic James的風格錶款

CARTIER Tank Louis Cartier 錶款資訊 玫瑰金 / 錶徑 25.5x33.7mm / 1917 MC 機芯

Beyond its sentimental significance, the Tank Louis Cartier seamlessly transitions between both casual and formal occasions. Its elegant design makes it suitable for dressing up, yet also maintains a relaxed, casual vibe that matches my preference for a laid-back style.


除了情感意義外,Tank Louis Cartier還可以在休閒和正式場合之間無縫過渡,其優雅的設計讓它很適合配搭正裝,同時也保持著輕鬆、休閒的感覺,符合我對輕鬆隨性風格的喜好。


As a collector, I appreciate the Tank Louis Cartier not only for its aesthetic beauty but also for its enduring value. It's a timeless piece that transcends trends, and its classic design continues to captivate even after more than 100 years. This watch holds a special place in my heart, but most importantly it makes me smile every time I look down at my wrist.


It will stay in my collection and one day be passed down to the next generation, a keepsake of the moments it has seen and the stories it holds.


作為一名收藏家,我欣賞Tank Louis Cartier不僅是因為其美學,還因為其恆久價值。這是一款超越了潮流趨勢的經典腕錶,其典雅的設計在100多年後仍然令人著迷。這款腕錶在我心中佔有特殊的一席位,但最重要的是,每當我低頭看向我的手腕時,它都會令我露出微笑。




CARTIER - IG影響力人物:Nic James的風格錶款

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