21 JAN. 2024

IG影響力人物:Ron Fu的風格錶款

21 JAN. 2024
F.P.JOURNE - IG影響力人物:Ron Fu的風格錶款

就好比Instagram、Facebook在建置個人檔案的時候都需要一枚頭像代表自己,如果現在要挑選一只能夠代表你的風格錶款,你會怎麼挑選呢?HOROGUIDES雜誌Vol.4的特別企劃【達人的風格錶款】(TOP INFLUENCERS, what's your statement watch?),邀請藏家朋友分享屬於自己的statement watch,無論是人設形象、收藏路線、喜好立場⋯⋯Let's make a statement!


Ron Fu/@horonlogy





I have always adored watches that are quirky or those that possess some unique properties behind them. To me, the F.P.Journe Chronomètre à Résonance fits the bill perfectly. When I first came to know about it, I was immediately transfixed; It blew my mind, a watch that almost feels like it’s powered by some kind of magic. What could be more cool than that!


There were quite a few available in the market, all of them trading at a premium. But what I was eyeing for was a Black Label due to its rarity and also well, it’s more my style. Fortunately enough, I was soon able to get my hands on one (thanks, Google and Youtube).


我一直很喜歡奇特的腕錶,或是那些擁有獨特性能的腕錶。對我來說,F.P.Journe的Chronomètre à Résonance腕錶完全符合這個標準。當我第一次知道這款錶的時候,立刻就被它吸引住了,它令我大開眼界,這款錶給人的感覺就像是由某種魔法所驅動的,還有比這更酷的事嗎!


市面上不乏這樣的產品,它們的交易價格也都很高。但我看中的是Black Label系列,因為它很稀有,而且更符合我的風格。幸運的是,我很快就得到了一只(感謝Google和Youtube)。


F.P.JOURNE - IG影響力人物:Ron Fu的風格錶款

F.P.Journe Chronomètre à Résonance 鉑金 / 錶徑 40mm

Sure, I became much poorer because of it but as my SA likes to say, richer in happiness :) Many pieces have since been added to my collection, some were acquired to mark certain milestones in my life and career, however, the Résonance remains a favorite piece to wear on special occasions. It’s easy on the eyes and wears most comfortably on the wrist. Supremely proud to have it. Will most likely make its way to one of the kids eventually. Just don’t ask me to explain how the watch actually works.


當然,我因此變得更窮了,但正如我的 SA(Sales Associate)常說的那樣,我的幸福度上升了:) 後來, 我的收藏中又加入了許多作品,有些是為了紀念我人生和職業生涯中的某些里程碑而購買的,然而,Résonance依然是我在特殊場合的最愛。這只錶戴在手腕上最舒服,也最順眼,真的無比自豪能夠擁有它,而它以後很有可能也會屬於我的小孩,只是別要我解釋這只錶到底是怎麼運作的。

F.P.JOURNE - IG影響力人物:Ron Fu的風格錶款

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