5 JUL. 2024


5 JUL. 2024
RICHARD MILLE - IG影響力人物:@simple_man15最愛的獨立製錶收藏

獨立製錶在近年的高級腕錶收藏界形成一股不可忽視的勢力,不僅透過社交平台強大的傳播力道建立與藏家的互動,更在國際拍賣市場展現絕佳行情。我們非常榮幸邀請到六位對獨立製錶充滿熱情的藏家分享珍貴收藏,並談談心目中的獨立製錶Holy Trinity與Rising Star。


RICHARD MILLE - IG影響力人物:@simple_man15最愛的獨立製錶收藏







Q:我心目中獨立製錶界的Holy Trinity


Kari Voutilainen: Pushing the limits of dial and movement design and finishing, while always respecting tradition. Customization options add a touch of individuality for the discerning collector.


F.P. Journe: Distinct design language and concepts like the Résonance and Optimum that have become modern day classics.


MB&F: The brand epitomizes how we can tell time differently and pushes the boundaries on what we define wristwatches to be. Their Horological Machines have designs that are really out of this world while the Legacy Machines are more classic with a twist.


Kari Voutilaine:不斷突破錶盤、機芯的設計與打磨工藝的極限,同時始終尊重傳統。提供的客製選項讓獨具慧眼的收藏家得以彰顯個性。


F.P. Journe:以鮮明的設計語言與理念聞名, 例如Résonance 和Optimum 已成為現代經典。


MB&F:他們完美詮釋如何以不同的方式展示時間,並且不斷挑戰我們對於腕錶的定義。他們的Horological Machines 擁有異想天開的設計,而Legacy Machines 相對來說則是在經典加以創新。


RICHARD MILLE - IG影響力人物:@simple_man15最愛的獨立製錶收藏




Richard Mille RM67-02: This is my go to weekend/travel watch. The lightness and slim profile of the watch make it extremely wearable while the TPT® case is virtually scratch free, perfect for doing chores or lugging things around. I love wearing it on the velcro strap which gives off a chilled vibe while keeping with the featherweight concept of the watch. At less than 50g, I sometimes forget I am even wearing a watch!


Richard Mille RM67-02 是我週末或旅行時的必備腕錶,輕薄的外型使讓它非常適合佩戴,而TPT® 複合材質的錶殼幾乎不會被刮傷,非常適合做家務或搬運物品時佩戴。我喜歡將它搭配魔鬼氈錶帶,這樣既休閒,又能保持腕錶輕量的概念。不到50g 的重量,有時候我甚至會忘記自己正戴著錶!


RICHARD MILLE - IG影響力人物:@simple_man15最愛的獨立製錶收藏
RICHARD MILLE RM67-02/Quartz TPT 與Carbon TPT®/錶徑47.52x38.7mm


Q :我認為的獨立製錶明日之星


Romain Gauthier: One of the best kept secrets in watch collecting circles, RG has only more recently started to get the traction and plaudits it deserves. From the Logical One to the Insight Micro-Rotor to the more sporty C, RG’s finishing and attention to detail is one of the best in the industry and puts many haute horology brands in the shade.


JN Shapiro: Self taught engine-turned dial maker whose signature infinity weave is a sight to behold. The launch of the new higher end Resurgence line heralds an exciting time for the brand.


Romain Gauthier:在腕錶收藏圈裡最鮮為人知的品牌之一,並且近年才開始逐漸獲得應有的關注和讚譽。從Logical One 到Insight Micro-Rotor,再到更具運動風格的C系列,RG 的精細打磨以及細節處理都堪稱業界翹楚,甚至令許多高級製錶品牌都望塵莫及。


J.N. Shapiro:自學成才的機刻雕花師,其標誌性的「infinity weave」紋理令人嘆為觀止。全新推出的高端Resurgence 系列預示著品牌未來令人振奮的發展。



RICHARD MILLE - IG影響力人物:@simple_man15最愛的獨立製錶收藏

Romain Gauthier與HOROGUIDES雜誌Vol.4的@simple_man15珍藏報導。

RICHARD MILLE - IG影響力人物:@simple_man15最愛的獨立製錶收藏
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