3 JAN. 2024


3 JAN. 2024
A. LANGE & SÖHNE - IG影響力人物:@WatchAndToyDiary的風格錶款

就好比Instagram、Facebook在建置個人檔案的時候都需要一枚頭像代表自己,如果現在要挑選一只能夠代表你的風格錶款,你會怎麼挑選呢?HOROGUIDES雜誌Vol.4的特別企劃【達人的風格錶款】(TOP INFLUENCERS, what's your statement watch?),邀請藏家朋友分享屬於自己的statement watch,無論是人設形象、收藏路線、喜好立場⋯⋯Let's make a statement!







I am truly fond of complicated watches. They are as much arts as engineering marvels that reflect the sum of human intellects. Lange 1 perpetual goes beyond that by being a piece of art with horological and technical accomplishments, yet so intuitively simple to read and operate. It manages to pack a perpetual calendar with features like leap year indicator, month, day of the week, moon phase, day/night indicator, and big date without cluttering the dial.


The dial layout is not only asymmetrically beautiful but also practical to read time (and perpetual calendar for that matter). The white gold case and a solid pink gold “Salmon” dial add finishing touches to make it one of my permanent collections.


我真的很喜歡複雜功能錶,它們既是藝術也是工程奇蹟,反映出人類智慧的結晶。 Lange 1 Perpetual還超越了這一點,它是一件兼具鐘錶和技術成就的藝術品,同時在讀時與操作方面都相當直觀簡單。它能把閏年顯示、月份、星期、月相、晝 / 夜顯示和大日期等萬年曆資訊結合在一起,而不會讓錶盤雜亂。錶盤佈局不只具有不對稱美感,也便於讀取時間(還有萬年曆資訊)。白金錶殼和實心玫瑰金「鮭魚」錶盤再增加了點睛之筆,讓這款錶成為我永久的收藏之一。


A. LANGE & SÖHNE - IG影響力人物:@WatchAndToyDiary的風格錶款

A. LANGE & SÖHNE Lange 1 Perpetual Calendar Solid Pink Gold Dial Limited Edition 錶款資訊 白金 / 錶徑41.9mm / L021.3 機芯 / 萬年曆

Apart from admiring the watches in my collection, one of my most joyful experiences in watch collecting is the journey to acquiring any specific watch.


When this watch was introduced in 2021, I gave up hope of acquiring it due to the limitations in my location. After I started my Instagram account in early 2022, I met my good friend from Singapore. From there, he helped me in completing this journey. My story of each watch is as important as the watch itself and this one very watch will always remind me of that. If the journey is too easy, it is probably not on the right path.




A. LANGE & SÖHNE - IG影響力人物:@WatchAndToyDiary的風格錶款

A. LANGE & SÖHNE - IG影響力人物:@WatchAndToyDiary的風格錶款

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