17 JUN. 2022

IG影響力人物:@watchbiao 的傳承錶款

17 JUN. 2022
ROLEX - IG影響力人物:@watchbiao 的傳承錶款

如果今天你只能選擇留下一款錶、而且是準備傳承給下一代的錶款,你會選擇哪一只呢?HOROGUIDES Magazine Vol.1的【TOP INFLUENCERS, 100 ICONS!】特別企劃,邀請大家認識一群熱愛鐘錶的藏家朋友,由這群真正閱錶無數的達人們介紹私人收藏裡想要傳承給下一代的錶款。



Received his first mechanical watch in the late 90’s, and got deeper into this hobby during the 2000’s. Participated in the earlier days of watches on the internet, on forums such as Timezone, ThePurists and Paneristi.





If I had to select one watch to pass down to the next generation, it would be my white dial Rolex Daytona 116520. It may be a boring choice, but I believe this piece has a great combination of timeless design that never goes out of style, robustness, and is the perfect size for most male and female wrists. 


如果必須選擇一款腕錶來傳承給下一代,我會選擇白色面盤的勞力士Daytona 116520。這可能是個了無新意的選擇,但我相信這件作品完美融合了永不過時的設計,堅固,還有符合大多數男性和女性手腕的完美尺寸。


ROLEX - IG影響力人物:@watchbiao 的傳承錶款

ROLEX Daytona 116520 不鏽鋼/錶徑40mm/4130機芯/計時功能

I would want the next generation to have the watch that they see me wear very often, and I wear Daytonas a lot. The Daytona is what I wear when I cannot decide what to wear. It is like jeans with a white t-shirt. The 116520 is the only white dial steel Daytona without black on its subdials, making it the dressiest steel Daytona. It dresses up as well it dresses down, and I expect this versatility to persist in the future regardless trends. 



This piece is sentimental to me. It was my first grail watch when I was young. I wanted it so badly when I attended racing school at Lime Rock Park, where Paul Newman used to race. This Daytona is associated with many of my memories, and I hope to pass this down to the next generation. 


這款錶對我來說是很有意義的。年輕的時候,它是我心目中的第一只grail watch。當時我在保羅紐曼曾經參賽的石灰岩公園賽道參加賽車駕訓班,因此非常想要擁有一只。我與Daytona有許多美好的回憶,而我希望將它傳遞給下一代。


ROLEX - IG影響力人物:@watchbiao 的傳承錶款

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