8 JAN. 2024


8 JAN. 2024
AUDEMARS PIGUET - IG影響力人物:Chris的風格錶款

就好比Instagram、Facebook在建置個人檔案的時候都需要一枚頭像代表自己,如果現在要挑選一只能夠代表你的風格錶款,你會怎麼挑選呢?HOROGUIDES雜誌Vol.4的特別企劃【達人的風格錶款】(TOP INFLUENCERS, what's your statement watch?),邀請藏家朋友分享屬於自己的statement watch,無論是人設形象、收藏路線、喜好立場⋯⋯Let's make a statement!


Chris / @Chris_Saturday





The "statement watch" I chose out of my collection is an Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore "diver", limited Japan edition to 500 pieces, Ref. 15711OI. It comes in a 18k rose gold case, set up with a titanium bezel and has a water resistance of 300m.


我從收藏中挑選的「statementwatch」是AUDEMARS PIGUET Royal Oak Offshore "diver",日本限量500只,型號15711OI。它採用 18K玫瑰金錶殼,配有鈦金屬錶圈,防水深度達300米。


AUDEMARS PIGUET - IG影響力人物:Chris的風格錶款

AUDEMARS PIGUET Royal Oak Offshore Diver Japan Limited Edition 15711OI 錶款資訊 玫瑰金與鈦金屬 / 錶徑 42mm / 3120 機芯

As a passionate diver, adventurer and world traveler I think this watch is one of the best pieces out of my collection to reflect on my personality. It wears very comfortable on the wrist, the rose gold gives a nice weight but it's certainly not too heavy as a daily beater. The precious metal combined with a sporty design makes the watch special and unique - as a "ready for action" tool watch like any other diver watch it yet sets a statement of pure elegance and luxury.


The craftsmanship of AP is always top of its class, being influenced by the DNA of Gerald Genta's Royal Oak this simple and yet absolutely beautiful design speaks for itself and makes the Offshore diver one of the most recognizable watches in the game.


作為一名熱衷於潛水、探險和環球旅行的人,我認為這款錶是我的收藏中最能體現我個性的腕錶之一。錶款上手舒適,玫瑰金賦予了它一定的重量,但作為日常佩戴的腕錶也不會太重。貴金屬材質與運動設計的結合,使這款錶顯得特別且獨特——作為一款「ready for action」的工具錶,它與其他潛水錶一樣,彰顯了純粹的優雅與奢華。


AP的製錶工藝始終處於頂級水平,受到Gérald Genta Royal Oak系列DNA的影響,這種簡約而絕對精美的設計不言而喻,並使這款Offshore Diver腕錶成為業界最具辨識度的腕錶之一。


I'm glad I had the opportunity to share this rare piece of art with you. There will always be the one of other piece in the collection that stands out a little more, either as a rare collector's item, as a personal preference and or as meaningful memory.



AUDEMARS PIGUET - IG影響力人物:Chris的風格錶款

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