19 FEB. 2024

懂錶的女人最美麗 ! 你必須follow的@tentenslowdown

19 FEB. 2024
A. LANGE & SÖHNE - 懂錶的女人最美麗 ! 你必須follow的@tentenslowdown






Greetings! I am Tenten, a whimsical daydreamer who serendipitously wandered into the enchanting domain of horology. As the sands of time flow, my latest fancy is to cultivate a more refined elegance. This very aspiration is the essence of my Instagram sobriquet, tentenslowdown, a gentle exhortation to myself to relish the splendor of each fleeting moment. I wouldn't dare proclaim myself a connoisseur of watches, for in comparison to the esteemed luminaries I know, my knowledge is but a drop in the ocean.


Q1: 妳是如何開始對手錶產生興趣的?

How did you get interested in watches?







The inception of my dalliance with watches was not heralded by a dramatic revelation, nor was it inherited from a familial tradition of horological enthusiasm. It was after my 30th year, as my contemporaries adorned themselves with the gleaming trappings of success, that my interest was piqued by the understated elegance of timepieces. The turning point was when the first-generation A. Lange & Söhne 1815 Chronograph caught my eye in a magazine. It wasn't just a watch; it was a siren call to adventure, a secret handshake into a society I never knew I wanted to join.


As my collection grew from the noble Lange to the storied Rolex and beyond, it transformed into something more profound than a mere tally of timepieces. It became a reflection of my soul, akin to a daemon from "His Dark Materials," a chronicle of my journey, a mirror of shared laughter, and a tribute to the timeless pursuit of those extraordinary moments that make one pause and exclaim, "Well, isn't this splendid?"



A. LANGE & SÖHNE - 懂錶的女人最美麗 ! 你必須follow的@tentenslowdown



Q2: 哪一則貼文最能表達妳的風格?

Which of your IG post best represents your style?




The post that truly encapsulates my essence is a personal canvas where my profound appreciation for the art of watchmaking and the storied tradition of Chinese calligraphy converge. It's a modest tribute to the revered "Timely Clearing After Snow" by Wang XiZhi, reimagined on the face of a timepiece. This design is my earnest, albeit less-than-professional, attempt to bridge the gap between the absence of the perfect Chinese character watch in the market and the creation of one that resonates with my spirit. It's a melding of the meticulous world of horology and the flowing elegance of ancient script, reflecting my love for heritage, my experimental edge in design, and my willingness to embrace the new, crafting a space where time is not just told, but artistically celebrated.


A. LANGE & SÖHNE - 懂錶的女人最美麗 ! 你必須follow的@tentenslowdown



Q3: 妳覺得女性和男性的愛錶人是否有不同之處?

Have you found any differences between female and male watch lovers?




Exploring the world of watch enthusiasts, it's clear that while both female and male collectors share a passion for horology, their approaches can differ. Women collectors, in my fresh-eyed observation, often showcase a fearless approach to their collections, blending traditional 'men's' watches with 'women's' watches, and not confining themselves to a single category. They curate collections that are as versatile as their style, from sports watches to haute horology, accompanied by complementary fashion elements like bracelets, embracing the watch as both a statement piece and an accessory. Men, on the other hand, might sometimes show a deep appreciation for the history and mechanics behind their timepieces, sometimes favoring a particular brand or the story it tells. Yet, these observations are part of a broader, changing landscape. The once-clear lines are merging, leading to a diverse and inclusive watch community that celebrates a variety of tastes and collection styles, transcending old stereotypes.


A. LANGE & SÖHNE - 懂錶的女人最美麗 ! 你必須follow的@tentenslowdown



Q4: 對你的工作或生活來說,手錶代表什麼?

What do watches mean to your work and life?




I've noticed that men exude a certain confidence in their clothes, and for me, watches have become my equivalent of a suit. In the boardroom, my watch acts as a subtle guardian on my wrist, once again embodying the essence of a daemon from "His Dark Materials," reinforcing my confidence with quiet assurance. It's less about keeping track of time and more about asserting my presence. The strap is also crucial, serving as the perfect complement to my attire, much like selecting the right handbag for the occasion. And in the grand theater of life? It's a delightful companion, encouraging not just timeliness but a commanding entrance for those in the know, a playful reminder that life is too vibrant to be overshadowed by a mere digital device.


A. LANGE & SÖHNE - 懂錶的女人最美麗 ! 你必須follow的@tentenslowdown



Q5. 妳最喜愛的錶是哪一只?為什麼?

Which is your favourite watch? Why?




My first love, the A. Lange & Söhne 1815 Chronograph, was akin to the moment Hugh Grant first graced the screen in "Four Weddings and a Funeral"—utterly charming and irresistible. The watch's design caught my eye, sparking an initial attraction that deepened into profound appreciation. I spent two years tracking it down from a personal dealer, as the first generation had already ceased production by the time I laid eyes on it. But as I delved deeper, I found myself enchanted by its complexity, its mechanisms, and the values of tradition and excellence it upheld. This timepiece wasn't just about telling time; it was a gateway to the world of horology, symbolizing the start of my admiration for watch design and the enduring values of diligence and dedication that A. Lange & Söhne personify. It led me to explore other prestigious brands, each with its own story to tell, further enriching my journey through the intricate world of watches.


A. LANGE & SÖHNE - 懂錶的女人最美麗 ! 你必須follow的@tentenslowdown



Q6: 身為一位女性的愛錶人,妳對鐘錶品牌和鐘錶業界,有什麼話想說呢?

As a female watch lover, do you want to say something to the brands and the watch industry? 


致尊敬的鐘錶業界賢達:作為一位手錶愛好者,我謹提兩點個人淺見。首先,女生的手錶設計可以麻煩更有創意一點嘛,不要只是把男士手錶縮小一號或者往上撒幾顆閃亮亮的寶石(放一圈並沒有比較有誠意)就交差了。看看隔壁Grand Seiko的櫻花主題錶盤,雖然是男士尺寸,但設計得讓人眼前一亮,男女通吃!這才叫真正尊重我們女性錶迷的品味多樣性。




Dear watchmakers and industry mavens, it's high time we had a little chat. Creating watches for women should involve more than just shrinking the dial and sprinkling a few gemstones here and there. It's about innovative design that knows no gender bounds. Take, for instance, Grand Seiko's cherry blossom-themed dial—it's technically men's size, but it's captured the hearts of both gents and ladies alike with its universal charm. That's the sort of ingenuity we're after, designs that tickle the fancy of a wider audience, respecting the varied tastes of female watch aficionados.


Now, on a personal note, my forays into watch boutiques have occasionally been tarnished by the rather perplexing question, "Why are you here?" "Is this for your bf?" instead of the more customary "How may I assist you?" It's a tad disconcerting, to say the least, and does tend to reinforce those pesky stereotypes. Retail staff ought to be schooled in the art of engaging with female shoppers in a manner that's both welcoming and respectful, acknowledging our keen interest and savvy in the world of horology. Women represent a substantial market, and adopting a more inclusive approach could very well lead to a surge in engagement and, dare I say, sales in the watch industry.


A. LANGE & SÖHNE - 懂錶的女人最美麗 ! 你必須follow的@tentenslowdown



Q7: 除了手錶,你還有其他的愛好嗎?

Do you have other hobbies besides watches?




Certainly! My passions extend beyond the intricate world of horology. There's a certain magic in live events—the collective pulse of a concert crowd, the synchronized gasps and cheers at a sports match, or the communal leap of faith in a theater. It's in these shared moments, surrounded by friends and family, that memories are forged—not just in my mind, but in the symphony of beating hearts. It's the enigmatic chemistry of shared experiences that I find utterly captivating.


A. LANGE & SÖHNE - 懂錶的女人最美麗 ! 你必須follow的@tentenslowdown