2 JUL. 2023


2 JUL. 2023
F.P.JOURNE - IG影響力人物:Angus最愛的新收藏

在鐘錶社群平台上,NWA這個縮寫指的是:New Watch Alert,新錶通知。之於錶迷藏家,是敬告諸位親朋好友:這是我最新的敗家成果、我有新收藏入手了!HOROGUIDES雜誌Vol.3的特別企劃【達人最愛的新收藏】(TOP INFLUENCERS, what's your favorite NWA?),邀請藏家朋友與我們分享近期入手的新收藏,關於收藏的喜悅,就由同樣身為錶迷的你我一起分享。



我收藏腕錶已超過25年。之前我是英國的一名律師,在一家全球資產管理公司工作了大約25年。2015 年我移居到香港,開設並管理我們在此地和上海的業務。我於2021年退休,現在將注意力都集中在對生活、腕錶和山峰的熱情上,並將時間分配在香港和瑞士的家中!




My affnity to Jaeger-LeCoultre is perhaps well known and it would be super easy to choose a meaningful piece from my collection from The Watchmakers of Watchmakers however I’ve turned my focus elsewhere for this article. 


My choice is grounded in an increasingly important philosophical imperative, namely, that I should buy watches that resonate with me on a level beyond that of hype or current fashion, and rather have some meaningful connection, whether for example it be relationship with the watchmaker or to mark a particular event in life. 




F.P.JOURNE - IG影響力人物:Angus最愛的新收藏

F.P. Journe Hong Kong Boutique 10th Anniversary Centigraphe/鈦金屬與玫瑰金/錶徑40mm/1506機芯

After some 25 years of collecting, and now being retired, my choices have to be far more clinically balanced with the aforementioned philosophy, or in other words, I need to watch my cents and dollars a bit more carefully and choose wisely! 


Hence, the choice of my F.P. Journe Hong Kong boutique tenth anniversary Centigraphe issued in 2016 in an edition of 20. Having started collecting Journe back around 2011 I was able to mark my relocation for work to Hong Kong at the end of 2015 with this piece and as such it shall always be associated with my personal and professional appreciation for Hong Kong and the opportunities the city has given me. 




因此,我選擇我的F.P. Journe Hong Kong Boutique 10th Anniversary Centigraphe,於2016年推出,限量20只。我從2011年左右開始收藏Journe的錶,並用這只錶做為我在2015年底因工作移居香港的紀念,因此它一直連繫著我從個人與職業層面對香港的喜愛,以及這座城市給予我的機會。


F.P.JOURNE - IG影響力人物:Angus最愛的新收藏




F.P.JOURNE - IG影響力人物:Angus最愛的新收藏

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