21 JUN. 2022

IG影響力人物:Chris 的傳承錶款

21 JUN. 2022
ROLEX - IG影響力人物:Chris 的傳承錶款

如果今天你只能選擇留下一款錶、而且是準備傳承給下一代的錶款,你會選擇哪一只呢?HOROGUIDES Magazine Vol.1的【TOP INFLUENCERS, 100 ICONS!】特別企劃,邀請大家認識一群熱愛鐘錶的藏家朋友,由這群真正閱錶無數的達人們介紹私人收藏裡想要傳承給下一代的錶款。



A traveler and adventurer with the passion for fine mechanical watches, mainly tool watches.No matter where in this world I go I always have a watch roll with me, making sure to have it all covered: GMT, diver and a pilot.





When I got asked to talk about my favorite watch out of my collection it was a tough one since I feel connected to so many pieces which all tell a different story. But let me share this one with you:
The Rolex GMT-Master II (Pepsi MK II on Jubilee, Ref. 126710BLRO) - it was right 2 months before covid hit the world when I got the sudden call of my friend in Israel that my grail watch has arrived. Back then I just got back to Taiwan from Dubai but I couldn't wait to get my hands on that particular timepiece!


要我從收藏裡挑出一只最喜歡的錶並不容易,因為我所收藏的每一只錶都有一段故事,而這些都和我緊密的相連。不過我想特別分享這一只:勞力士 GMT-Master II(百事圈 MK II 五珠帶,Ref. 126710BLRO)。就在疫情席捲全球的兩個月前,我在以色列的朋友突然來電,說我的聖杯錶已經到貨了。那時我剛從杜拜回到台灣,但已經迫不及待地想要拿到那只特別的手錶!


ROLEX - IG影響力人物:Chris 的傳承錶款

ROLEX GMT-Master II 126710BLRO 不鏽鋼/錶徑40mm/3285機芯/兩地時間功能

So I immediately booked a flight back west heading to Tel Aviv. Finally laying eyes on that beauty I knew it's more than a watch to me. This updated version of Rolex's pilot watch is so perfectly designed, simple, sporty and yet elegant - the Jubilee bracelet feels so comfortable on the wrist, the Pepsi bezel in ceramic adds a new fresh pop to the whole look. As a passionated traveler and adventurer myself I think this GMT watch just wears my DNA. Ever since it's one of the most precious pieces out of my collection.





In my opinion watch shouldn't just be an investment and surely shouldn't be a reason to follow a hype. But a watch should be reflecting a part of yourself, your personality, it should belong to you and you should feel connected to it. I'm looking forward to many, many years full of stories and adventures together with this lovely Pepsi on my wrist!




ROLEX - IG影響力人物:Chris 的傳承錶款
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