IG影響力人物:Pat Chu的收藏風格


IG影響力人物:Pat Chu的收藏風格


將腕錶戴上手,展示的不只是一枚配件,同時也展露了一部份的自我,包含個性、品味,以及你對腕錶收藏的看法見解。特別企劃【TOP INFLUENCERS, what's your collecting style? 】以錶會友,邀請43位鐘錶藏家分享他的收藏風格,以及收藏裡最具代表性的錶款。43位藏家的43種答案,都是收藏歷程的真實體會。


Pat Chu





My collecting style can be either seen as rather random or uncommon to other collectors. It ranges from Modern, Vintage, Neo-vintage, Indies and curiosities from the past revolving watchmaking. I think curiosity is the best word to describe my journey. As my watch journey goes on, through meet ups with friends or people I meet physically through GTGs, events and conversations over IG, my interest evolves with every piece of information I absorb. My interest and knowledge for Indies rocketed during the last 3 years through my friends, while I research a lot into Japanese watchmaking history. 




SEIKO - IG影響力人物:Pat Chu的收藏風格

SEIKO Silverwave J12082 不鏽鋼/錶徑37mm

Collecting watches for me satisfies several desires or urges, such as: Discovering a design you like, obtaining something you have been longing and hunting for, collecting a timepiece which marked a milestone in watchmaking history or above of all, making a connection with a fellow watch collector. With this piece I was able to tick off all points. 




I remember when I started an IG account and researched more about Japanese watches online (including scans of old catalogues). I remember the feeling when I saw the Seikomatic Silverwave J12082 the first time. Initially one might conclude the dial design as a simple or a clean three hander at 37mm. At a closer look, the dial design to me is elaborated, well thought-out and skilfully balanced and packed with information. 


Personally, I am a huge fan of the simple colour combinations from the 60s and typeface which shows how timeless it is. It has an inner rotation bezel contrasting to a silver sunburst dial with applied markers and lume and little logos with its meanings at 12 and 6 o’clock. What else which made this watch so intriguing for me was the fact that the Japanese watch making world was embarking onto the idea of creating wristwatches meant for diving so this can be considered as their prototype before the famous 62MAS.


我還記得是在開設IG帳號的時候,我便開始在線上鑽研日本錶(包括掃描舊型錄)。我仍舊記得初次見到Seikomatic Silverwave J12082的感覺,或許有人會將錶盤的設計歸類為37mm的基本錶款或三針錶,但我卻認為錶盤是精心設計,經過深思熟慮,巧妙平衡同時又蘊含著豐富的資訊。




SEIKO - IG影響力人物:Pat Chu的收藏風格


SEIKO - IG影響力人物:Pat Chu的收藏風格

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