IG影響力人物:@simple_man15  的傳承錶款


IG影響力人物:@simple_man15 的傳承錶款


如果今天你只能選擇留下一款錶、而且是準備傳承給下一代的錶款,你會選擇哪一只呢?HOROGUIDES Magazine Vol.1的【TOP INFLUENCERS, 100 ICONS!】特別企劃,邀請大家認識一群熱愛鐘錶的藏家朋友,由這群真正閱錶無數的達人們介紹私人收藏裡想要傳承給下一代的錶款。



Watch nerd with a passion for independent watch making and the values they stand for. It brings me back to a simpler time when things were made to last and craftsmen took pride in their creations.





I have a soft spot for independent watchmaking and Kari Voutilainen is undoubtedly one of the best of his generation. Owning a watch from Kari Voutilainen has always been a dream of mine since I had the pleasure of handling one in person. The ability to customize and personalize the watch makes it even more special. Meeting Kari in person and experiencing his passion for watchmaking convinced me to place the deposit for my first customized watch. This required a leap of faith and lots of patience since his manufacture only produces around 60 watches a year. 


我向來獨鍾於獨立製錶,而毫無疑問地,Kari Voutilainen是這一代獨立製錶師中最優秀的人之一。自從有此榮幸接觸過一只Kari Voutilainen腕錶,擁有一只他的腕錶便成了我的夢想。他為每件作品刻畫出獨一無二的性格,讓這些腕錶變得更加特別。尤其是在與Kari見過面並親身感受他對製錶的熱情後,讓我決定向他購入我的第一只訂製錶。不過因為他的工坊年產量大約僅有60只,所以其實需要非常多的信心和耐心。


VOUTILAINEN - IG影響力人物:@simple_man15  的傳承錶款

Kari Voutilainen Vingt-8 Piece Unique 鈦金屬/錶徑39mm/訂製款

Kari makes some of the best guilloche dials in the business and his enamel work is simply amazing. To top it off, this watch is just one of two bearing Kari’s signature on the dial, an idea conceptualized by a good friend (who coincidentally owns the second signed watch) and executed perfectly by Kari. I couldn’t be happier with the result. The rose gold movement is designed in-house with Kari’s proprietary direct impulse escapement, a perfect example of innovation while respecting tradition with his finishing techniques. 




VOUTILAINEN - IG影響力人物:@simple_man15  的傳承錶款


The whole design and philosophy behind the Vingt-8 combines a respect for longevity with a never-ending quest for precision, the perfect watch to pass on to the next generation. 




VOUTILAINEN - IG影響力人物:@simple_man15  的傳承錶款


VOUTILAINEN - IG影響力人物:@simple_man15  的傳承錶款

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