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My collecting style is modern and Neo-vintage independent brands. I love independent brands that express their watchmaking philosophies thru both unique design DNAs and novel interpretations of traditional complications. These watches usually stand out from the crowd and can easily be identified without any logos on the dials.




URWERK - IG影響力人物:@horomariobro的收藏風格

Ludovic Ballouard Upside Down 950鉑金/錶徑41mm/B01機芯/180°反轉跳時顯示

My choice of a watch in my collection is Ludovic Ballouard Upside Down.


Ludovic Ballouard Upside Down is a great representation of my collecting style in many ways. Upon the very first look, it would strike as something unusual as it appears to be missing an hour hand. It starts to pique one's interest to understand how to tell time on the piece. Upon closer look, it appears all hour numbers are upside down except for the current hour in time, which is right side up as indicated by a dot also next to the number. This design illustrates the watchmaker's (Ludovic Ballouard) philosophy of "Only the current time is meaningful." He uses the orientation of the hour numbers to indicate ON or OFF for each hour number. At any moment in time, only one hour is ON, the rest are all OFF. 


這裡我選擇Ludovic Ballouard Upside Down,從許多方面來看,它都足以做為我個人收藏風格的代表。在看到它的第一眼,消失的時針讓它顯得特別不尋常,這也激起人們進一步探究它如何顯示時間的好奇心。接著仔細觀察,除了當下時間的小時數字是正面朝上,在時標的數字旁有一個小圓點標示,其他所有的小時數字全都是顛倒的。製錶師Ludovic Ballouard以小時數字時標的正/反向來指示每個小時的ON/OFF,在任何時刻,都只有當下的這個小時顯示為ON,其餘的小時顯示則為OFF,透過這樣的設計來傳達「活在當下」的理念。


URWERK - IG影響力人物:@horomariobro的收藏風格


Moreover, the technical implementation of the ON/OFF indication is rather innovative by instantaneously rotating the hour discs 180 degrees for the current hour and its previous hour. It is quite an entertaining experience to observe the hour change in motion. It never fails to bring smiles from all observers.


此外,Ludovic Ballouard還透過創意十足的全新瞬跳技術,讓當下時間以及前1小時的時標數字圓盤,在小時交替的瞬間各旋轉180度,以實現每個整點的ON/OFF。在小時交替時欣賞時標瞬跳的機械作動是非常有趣的體驗,能讓人發自內心的微笑。


Whenever I wear this watch, it constantly reminds me to "Enjoy the moment and not think too much" as Ludovic himself once told me. Believe it or not, this watch has actually become my go-to stress reliever and keeps me happy, especially at the top of each hour.




URWERK - IG影響力人物:@horomariobro的收藏風格


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