IG名錶達人, 你一定要follow的@king_moshoeshoe_2


IG名錶達人, 你一定要follow的@king_moshoeshoe_2




他喜歡的手錶風格都偏向典雅、簡潔,但論起機芯或是作工卻是絲毫不馬虎的講究工藝。他的收藏中SEIKO的手錶為數頗多,Presage SRQ019 週年紀念計時碼錶、2008年發售的SCBS017限量版Discus burger、還有GS的SBGH035,每款的調性都不一樣,卻可以歸納出相同脈絡,另外CREDOR的Eichi II也是他很想入手的手錶。從CASIO、SWATCH、到獨立製錶師品牌,KMII都有喜歡的作品,對他來說玩錶不是為了轉售而購買、並非為了收藏而入手,最重要的依然是自己喜歡,戴上手後覺得開心最重要。


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PuristSPro Moderator;

All pictures taken by me unless stated otherwise; no watches are for sale;

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When did you create your IG account? and why?




I created my IG account in January 2017. I just became a moderator at Puristspro and wanted to ensure I keep an eye out at what developments there are out there. Then I discovered it to be a very easy way of sharing my watch hobby more generally, too.



What message would you want to convey through your post?




This differs - sometimes it’s about sharing an opinion of a new watch I tried out, mostly it’s shots of the watch I am wearing at the time of posting. What the posts all include, though is the sharing of the love of horology, irrespective of the type or level.



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Please choose one post that can represent your style


我的貼文是實戴照和靜態圖片的組合(有時間我會增加一些近拍的畫面)。 這些照片大多是我用手機拍攝的,利用當下可以使用的道具或背景做輔助。我覺得這比較接近主動想去做的行為,而不是有其他目的。


My posts are a combination of wrist shots and static pictures (I do the odd macro from time to time). They are mostly shot with my mobile and contain the props/background available at the moment. I guess it’s more about spontaneity than anything else.



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Which post impressed you the most or which post has the most engagement rate? Is there any story behind?


我真的無法解釋為什麼會出現這個情況,大明火燒琺瑯面盤的SEIKO Presage SRQ019週年紀念計時碼錶貼文,獲得了最多的按讚數和留言。


I really cannot explain why this is the case but almost without fail it posts on the SEIKO Presage SRQ019 Anniversary Chronograph with its grand feu enamel dial that achieves the most likes and comments.



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What do watches mean to your work or life?




Watches are something I grew up with and always appreciated, however, they only became something of a hobby in 2014. I love both the fine mechanics involved as well as the aesthetic qualities. At the same time I work in an environment that is less appreciative of watches in general so I tend to stray towards stealthier, less immediately recognizable brands and pieces. 



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In life, I am trying to pass on the fascination with my children but given their young age, this may take a while. Still, it’s a fun way to spend time together, which we all appreciate a lot. 



What is your principle in collecting watches?




I guess in some ways these are quite eclectic. In terms of complications, it’s primarily chronographs watches, although I am going to add a couple of alarm watches in due course. One area that fascinates me immensely is fast beat movements and I am slowly but surely adding pieces from that genre. In addition, the watch needs to be relatively stealthy - i.e. not easily recognizable to people not intensely interested in watches. I like the understatement for one and the lack of ‘real life complications’, too. 




And naturally, it needs to pull at my heartstrings. All the watches I got so far are still with me, so I take less care about resale value. 



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Then there are iconic, highly collectible pieces that I appreciate on an intellectual level and highly respect but that doesn’t do it for me emotionally. As much as a watch is a classic, if it doesn’t provide me with a smile when I strap it on, it will not get into my watch box. 



Which is your favorite watch?


如果檢視一下我已經擁有的手錶,蕭邦的L.U.C Chrono One和GS的SBGH035,會打成平手。蕭邦是我的第一只認真想收藏的手錶,它開啟了我對於手錶的愛好。而GS則是結合了許多我喜歡的元素,例如高穩定的9S85A Special Hi-Beat機芯、令人著迷的錶盤、還有極佳的尺寸。


If I look at watches I already own it would be a tie between the CHOPARD L.U.C Chrono One and the GRAND SEIKO SBGH035. The CHOPARD was my first serious watch which got me started on the hobby. The GRAND SEIKO just combines so many elements I love, such as the highly regulated 9S85A Special Hi-Beat movement, a mesmerizing dial, excellent size.


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Q 8.對你來說,一只好的手錶必須具備什麼條件?

In your opinion, what makes “a nice watch”?



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Great proportions, a conservative size (I most like the 33-40mm range), relative thinness, a high-quality finishing, an interesting dial and a movement I enjoy occasionally looking at or which has some unique aspect.



Which watch would you want to purchase next? Why?



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有好幾只呢!像是VOUTILAINEN、或是貴朵的Eichi II也立即浮現在腦海中。DE BETHUNE或ROMAIN GAUTHIER也有幾件作品也符合我想入手的標準。


Sure, several. A VOUTILAINEN at some point or a CREDOR Eichi II immediately come to mind. But there are several pieces by DE BETHUNE or ROMAIN GAUTHIER that would qualify, too.



If you only get to keep ONE watch in your collection, which one would you keep? Why?




That would be my BREITLING Aerospace - I got it as a graduation present from my parents and the emotional bonds beat any horological aspects of that one.



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