將腕錶戴上手,展示的不只是一枚配件,同時也展露了一部份的自我,包含個性、品味,以及你對腕錶收藏的看法見解。特別企劃【TOP INFLUENCERS, what's your collecting style? 】以錶會友,邀請43位鐘錶藏家分享他的收藏風格,以及收藏裡最具代表性的錶款。43位藏家的43種答案,都是收藏歷程的真實體會。







I can't really narrow down my collection into particular sections, I like all kinds of watches - I find myself sometimes enjoying good food in a fine dining restaurant or somewhere in the nature chasing adventures. As you slowly catch my drift, my collection is very versatile but I dare to say it contains mainly tool watches, either in rose gold or stainless steel. 


I'm currently doing my pilot license (LAPL), so I wear pilot watches then, which doesn't mean I have no diver or dress watches. As a passionate diver and lover of beaches I would say over half of the watches out of my collection are diver watches.




I would like to share this Vintage Rolex Explorer II, Ref. 16570 from 1992 "Chicchi di Mais" (named after the yellow turned lume hour markers)


我想要分享這款1992年的Rolex Explorer II, Ref. 16570 "Chicchi di Mais"(「玉米粒」,因為泛黃的夜光時標而得名)


ROLEX - IG影響力人物:Chris的收藏風格

ROLEX Explorer II Ref. 16570 錶款資訊 不鏽鋼/錶徑40mm/3186機芯/兩地時間顯示

There are two reasons why I would love to share this vintage timepiece with you: first of all it is a watch I got from my very dear friend Sunny Wang who is known as a hardcore collector and has enough knowledge to teach me about the details of this particular watch. Second of all, just have a look at it's pristine condition, even after 30 years a watch can be worn daily in any occasions and it still looks fantastic!


It's reliable and I can take it into the sea for a swim, I can wear it in the cockpit of an airplane up in the sky, I can wear it out for dinner - the size is just perfect, not too big and not too small, it looks elegant and sporty at the same time, wears comfortable on the wrist! This Rolex Explorer II is another one out of my collection which I would never sell since it marks a deep friendship to somebody who I care about.


分享這只老錶有2個原因:首先,我是從一位好友王陽明Sunny Wang那裡收到的錶,這位朋友就是所謂的hardcore藏家,教了我許多他所知道關於這只手錶的知識。其次,看看這只錶的原始狀態,即使已經出廠30年了,現在還是可以每天在各種場合裡配戴這只腕錶,而且狀態還是很棒!


它的機能表現非常可靠,可以戴著下海游泳,或是戴著駕駛飛機,也能戴著去餐廳用餐。腕錶的尺寸不過大也不會太小,恰到好處,看起來既運動感又不失優雅,配戴的手感也非常舒適!這只Rolex Explorer II象徵著我與一位摯友的深厚友誼,是我絕對不會拿出來交流的其中一支錶。


And it's my first step into vintage tool watches... having already my next one or two vintage pieces in mind haha... Now that I know that these pieces last a lifetime, even the movement is working smoothly as if it would be just new out of the factory - after so many many years...




ROLEX - IG影響力人物:Chris的收藏風格


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