14 FEB. 2024


14 FEB. 2024
AUDEMARS PIGUET - IG影響力人物:Rich的風格錶款

就好比Instagram、Facebook在建置個人檔案的時候都需要一枚頭像代表自己,如果現在要挑選一只能夠代表你的風格錶款,你會怎麼挑選呢?HOROGUIDES雜誌Vol.4的特別企劃【達人的風格錶款】(TOP INFLUENCERS, what's your statement watch?),邀請藏家朋友分享屬於自己的statement watch,無論是人設形象、收藏路線、喜好立場⋯⋯Let's make a statement!


Rich / @watchbiao





I think the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Extra-Thin “Jumbo” 15202 is a reflection of my style and personality. I love the sharp angles and straight lines of this design. It is aggressive and edgy. I love the exposed bolts on the octagon bezel. It looks solid and tough, like a secure bank vault. But the watch is still very thin, at 8mm thick, so it is very comfortable to wear.


我認為AUDEMARS PIGUET Royal Oak Extra-Thin "Jumbo" 15202體現了我的風格和個性。我喜歡這種設計的銳角與直線,很有氣勢且很前衛。我也喜歡八角形錶圈上外露的螺栓,它看起來堅固且結實,就像一個安全的的銀行金庫。不過這只錶還是很纖薄的,只有8mm厚,所以戴起來很舒服。


AUDEMARS PIGUET - IG影響力人物:Rich的風格錶款

AUDEMARS PIGUET Royal Oak Extra-Thin “Jumbo” 15202ST 錶款資訊 不鏽鋼 / 錶徑39mm / 2121機芯

The flat surfaces, straight lines and sharp corners, mixed with AP’s famous polished and brushed finishing means the Jumbo sparkles like a disco ball at various angles. 39mm is also the ideal size for a Royal Oak. Some are too big, some are too small, but the proportions of this size feels just right.


平坦的表面、直線和銳角,再加上AP代表性的拋光和拉絲表面處理,讓這只Jumbo在不同角度都像disco ball一樣閃閃發亮。39mm也是Royal Oak的理想尺寸。有些太大,有些則太小,而這個尺寸的比例感覺正好。


The exterior of the Jumbo may be dazzling, but the interior is intellectually stimulating as well. The 15202 is the last Jumbo generation to use the same JLC 920 base caliber as the original Royal Oak 5402 in 1972.


It was the thinnest full rotor automatic movement in the world, and used exclusively by the Holy Trinity of Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet and Vacheron Constantin. It is regarded as one of the best or most important movements in history. It survived in production for over 50 years. You do have to be gentle with it, and there is no quick-set date, but there is just something very satisfying about owning a watch with a historical movement.


Jumbo的外觀也許光彩奪目,而內部在技術上也很令人振奮。15202是最後一代的Jumbo,使用了與1972年原版Royal Oak 5402相同的JLC 920基礎機芯。它是世界上最薄的全尺寸擺陀自動機芯,由PATEK PHILIPPE、AUDEMARS PIGUET和VACHERON CONSTANTIN三大品牌獨家使用。它也被認為是歷史上最好或最重要的機芯之一,生產了超過50年。你用它時必須輕柔,而且它也沒有快速設定日期功能,但擁有一只帶有歷史機芯的腕錶還是很令人滿足的。

AUDEMARS PIGUET - IG影響力人物:Rich的風格錶款

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