IG名錶達人, 你一定要follow的@george.cramer

Amanda4 DEC. 2018

IG名錶達人, 你一定要follow的@george.cramer

什麼樣的達人可以讓HODINKEE列為七個必追蹤的Instagram帳號?這次的主角George Cramer就是其中之一!雖然他謙稱自己的帳號追蹤人數不多,但他擁有的卡地亞手錶真的堪稱是藏家等級,瀏覽他IG上的照片,近期幾乎清一色都是卡地亞的手錶,Tonneau酒桶型錶殼讓他情有獨鍾、擁有的Santos和Tank也為數頗豐,對於袖釦和手錶的搭配更是頗為講究。曾在十年前因為擔任鐘錶雜誌卡地亞論壇版主的George Cramer,就這麼因緣際會栽進IG的世界,在專業鐘錶網站QUILL & PAD上,也有他的卡地亞專文,完全是從玩家晉升專家的最佳範例,喜歡卡地亞就一定要立馬按追蹤的啊!



George Cramer

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When did you create your IG account? and why?




It must have been about 10 years ago, I joined Revolution as their moderator for the CARTIER forum and when the Cartier forum was changed into a Blog, I opened the IG account to promote my articles.



What message would you want to convey through your post?




I am trying to create awareness for the more stylish watches for men. CARTIER in general, but also VAN CLEEF & ARPELS and others.



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Please choose one post that can represent your style




Not easy to answer, since I, of course, do pictures from wrist shots to location shots, that’s what people like the most. But the bit more unusual pictures are what I like myself and what more reflects my style.



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Which post impressed you the most or which post has the most engagement rate? Is there any story behind?




That must have been the post of the Cartier Tonneau. I thought that this would not be a watch that suits everybody. It is very Dandy, so it really amazed me that the picture received over 2,000 likes, which is a lot for a small account like mine.



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What do watches mean to your work or life?




Watches mean everything for me and sometimes I wished, that it was not like that. Every minute of spare time I have, I play with my watches, switch a strap, change a watch, or take pictures of it. When I travel it is always hard to decide which ones I take with me.



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What is your principle in collecting watches?




In my case, it needs absolute to be something that I like to wear. Not something that fits the collection, or something that belongs historically to another watch, or what other people tell me to get. When I do not wear a watch anymore, I sell it.



Which is your favorite brand?




Absolutely Cartier. But I realize that there are more brands to love and to respect, like URWERK, IWC, A. LANGE & SÖHNE and BREGUET for instance.


IG名錶達人, 你一定要follow的@george.cramer


Which is your favorite watch?


一定要說的話,應該是Santos Dumont,但真的很難抉擇啊!


Probably the Santos Dumont, but it is a hard choice.



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Q 9.對你來說,一只好的手錶必須具備什麼條件?

In your opinion, what makes “a nice watch”?




To me, a nice watch is a watch that fits the style of the person. What a nice watch is for you, does not need to be a nice watch for me and the other way around. A watch should match the lifestyle of the owner and not the watch that’s promoted or hyped.



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If you only get to keep ONE watch in your collection, which one would you keep? Why?




You will be surprised by my answer. It is my current steel Santos with steel bracelet because I love the looks and build quality of this watch and it is a timepiece that I can wear always, in any weather condition and to any occasion. It works with a suit and cufflinks as well as with jeans. It is the most versatile watch I have.



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Which watch would you want to purchase next? Why?




I am eying an IWC Minute repeater. I find a minute repeater a very attractive complication and the IWC Portuguese Minute Repeater in white metal is so plain and serene, almost holy.